Margaret A. Donohue, PhD



Margaret A. Donohue, PhD--Health Psychology and Medical Psychology

I specialize in health psychology--the psychological study of health, illness, disability and healthcare, and medical psychology--the application of psychological principles to the practice of medicine for both physical and mental disorders.

I work with issues of medical trauma, mild traumatic brain injury, adjustment to disability, adjustment to chronic, serious or terminal illness or undiagnosed medical conditions. 

We do psychological and neuropsychological assessments for all age groups.  At our Glendale office we have access to hundreds of psychological, neuropsychological, educational, medical, cognitive, and health psychology assessments.  We can come to other locations with some tests but other tests are not portable.  So if you specifically want a Test of Variables of Attention, that must be done in our Glendale location because it uses dedicated hardware.  In other cases we need a stable internet connection and in some areas the signal strength is poor, like in the Hollywood hills or other mountain areas.  We provide assessment services for individual providers in their offices just like a physician will use a lab service.  Call us if you have any questions. 

For more information about me or my practice in Glendale and Valencia, California please visit

I'm licensed in both California (PSY9038) and Nevada (PY0503).

Glendale Office:

135 South Jackson Street

Suite 204

Glendale, CA 91205

Valencia Office, (Sunday hours only):

28494 Westinghouse Place

Suite 214

Valencia, CA 91355

Phone:  818-389-8384

Fax: 818-394-6663